Brand Guidelines

This is a guide to the elements that make up the Kain brand. It includes rules and sample executions that demonstrate how to bring our identity to life.


Our Logo

This wordmark is the main logo for the Kain brand.

Logo Examples

Minimum Size

In the interest of legibility and coherence, the Kain wordmark should never be applied at a smaller size than shown.

Improper Uses



Color has enduring emotional appeal. Kain’s colors are energetic. By pairing the colors consistently, you can harness Kain’s personality.

RGB: 0 / 181 / 226
HEX: #00B5E2
CMYK: 75 / 0 / 5 / 0

RGB: 91 / 103 / 112
HEX: #5B6770
CMYK: 45 / 25 / 16 / 59

RGB: 208 / 211 / 212
HEX: #D0D3D4
CMYK: 7 / 3 / 5 /8

Color Definitions

Color works differently in print than on screen, so you’ll need different color codes for each.

Pantone (PMS)
The Pantone system is used for precise color matching – you can give a Pantone reference to any printer, anywhere, and they’ll print the exact same color.

CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black)
The print files will be delivered in CMYK color mode, which is suitable for commercial full color and everyday printing.

Note: If you try placing a CMYK file into a Microsoft Office program and the image doesn’t display correctly, try the RGB version.

RGB (Red/Green/Blue)
These colors are used in monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. Digital logo files are in RGB color mode.

HEX (Hexadecimal)
This six digit code is associated with websites, viewed on a screen, and refers back to the RGB color.


Fonts express as much as words. They convey feeling, establishing a consistent and ownable visual language for Kain. Avenir Next Demi Bold should be used as the primary display face in communications. Avenir Next Medium should be used for quotes and emphasis. The body copy font is Avenir Light.


Body Copy


The Kain photography style is straightforward, bright, and candid.


Each team member of Kain has experience in dealership operations, customer service and digital marketing. This first-hand experience allows us to appreciate the challenges dealerships face daily.

David Kain

David Kain
When he isn’t helping good people become great salespeople, David Kain is pursuing another of his life’s great passions: mountain biking. He grew up learning that a car life was a good life, from his father, sisters, and brothers (he is one of 9). David has been both general manager and Dealer Partner of Jack Kain Ford, where he remains a partner today. His work in internet sales speaks for itself. He co-founded, the dealer/factory owned joint venture that is the website and lead provider to Ford and Lincoln dealers. He served there as Chief Operating Officer from startup until Kain Automotive was born. Because of this passion and wealth of knowledge, David is an active speaker at many industry events – including the NADA Convention, Innovative Dealer Summit, Driving Sales Executive Summit, and Digital Dealer. Notable speaking engagements include the Mercedes Benz Sales Conference in Shanghai, China and Fenabrave’ in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His favorite gig so far was being the featured International Speaker at the AADA Convention in Australia. David shares his unique perspectives by writing articles for industry publications such as Ward’s Dealer Business, Dealer Success and hosts the popular show Kain & Co. on the CBT Automotive Network. Working in a family business has taught David a lot about himself. As a father, his great joy comes from simply observing his own daughter excel, inspiring her classes. As a husband, David has learned that although he might “run the business,” his wife is still the boss.

Jessica Kain

Jessica Kain
Jessica knew from the start that cars would be her future. It was in her blood. While studying at the University of Kentucky, she studied the internet consulting business at Kain. Jessica also spent time working at Jack Kain Ford, where she learned how fundamental internet development is to car sales. Jessica is now on a mission to facilitate better communication between trainers and clients in her role as Client Relations Manager. Her customer service techniques are sharp and smart. She combines a fresh perspective with an insider knowledge of the car sales industry for a perfect look at the mindset of younger buyers. For fun, Jessica travels with her husband and her two babies, Tuck and Parker. Tuck and Parker are cats, by the way.

Chelsea Magee

Chelsea Magee
Chelsea is a teacher at Kain, and she is a lifelong learner outside of work. Her hobbies include horseback riding, playing piano, and working out. Chelsea studied marketing and business at The University of Findlay in Ohio, and has been involved in all that is digital ever since. She works to ensure that clients are successful as a Client Success Trainer. This entails teaching proven strategies and their implementation in their work. In addition, she manages the client web-based training. Chelsea also teaches courses for NCMi Internet Sales and Marketing. She is a graduate of the Facebook Blueprint course. When you visit the Kain office, you’ll probably meet Chelsea’s canine sidekick Emmie. She’s a King Charles spaniel on a mission to make you feel right at home.

Eve Kain

Eve Kain
Eve Kain is the glue that holds the Kain office together. For Eve, no two days are the same. Her role as office manager combines roles as treasurer and business manager for the company, with tasks like payroll, taxes, and invoicing. In addition, Eve is Kain’s personal cheerleader. She generates the enthusiasm for each session, for both the teachers and the students to make both parties feel more at ease. When you meet Eve, the first thing you’ll notice about her is her calming presence. She loves to practice yoga, and brings that zen to the office every day.




Business Cards

The Kain business cards are sized specifically to be printed at “moo size” available at

Presentation Templates



Primary Tag
This tagline is intended for wide marketing use and internal application as an encapsulation of our mission statement.

Accelerate Your Success

This headline describes our offering.

Results-Driven Professional Development

Social Guidelines

Social Guidelines

These assets maintain social profile consistency.

Profile: 180px by 180px Cover: 828px by 315px

Profile: 400px by 400px Header: 1500px by 500px

Profile: 110px by 110px

Profile: 400px by 400px Background: 1000px by 425px

Digital Success Guide

Digital Success Guide

Services Brochure

Services Brochure

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